RYOL Parging includes a 3 year limited warranty on materials and labour for any work provided including both new projects and repairs. All customers will need to provide proof of purchase in order to get service under the warranty.

Section 1 – What does this warranty cover?

RYOL Parging will cover any defects that are a result of our materials or labour.

Section 2 – How will RYOL Parging correct issues?

RYOL Parging will repair any cracked, chipped, or flaked parging at no cost if the parging is in untouched condition with damages caused by issues with our application or materials.

Section 3 – What is not covered by the limited warranty?

Damage to product resulting from negligenceDamage to product caused by foreign materials or top coats not completed by RYOL PargingDamage caused by natural disasters or extreme weather changesNormal long term wear and tearHairline cracks are normal in parged surfaces; parging that is separating from the concrete block base is not acceptable.