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Edmonton Parging FAQs

We’ve put together some answers to the most common questions we get about Edmonton parging and parging repair. If you have a question we haven’t covered don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?2019-07-28T11:59:32-06:00

We back up our work with a 3 year warranty on materials and labour.

How do you fix a cracked parging?2019-05-04T15:49:42-06:00

The cracked or loose parging is first chipped away with a chisel. The area is then brushed down and hosed off to clear out any remaining dust or debris. Finally, new parging is added to the clean surface.

What is parging?2019-05-03T20:10:32-06:00

Parging is the coating applied to the visible above-grade portion of your home’s foundation walls. It’s applied to both poured-concrete and concrete-block foundations to hide surface imperfections but it has additional utility beyond being a decorative or aesthetic solution. It can also help protect against cracks and leaks resulting from weather damage.

Are your quotes no obligation?2019-05-04T15:31:37-06:00

We’ll schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our experts to review your project before providing our no obligation quote.

What are the benefits of parging?2019-05-04T15:34:09-06:00

Parging is a common aesthetic solution to cover up surface imperfections on the visible portion of your home’s foundation walls. However, it’s also a functional barrier to protect against cracks and leaks caused by weather damage.

How long does parging take to cure?2019-05-04T15:39:52-06:00

To cure properly the parging needs several days of warm weather. Occasional misting through the process will help reduce the risk of future cracking or flaking.

Should I choose a smooth or textured surface?2019-05-04T15:41:29-06:00

Both of these options create an effective weather barrier for your foundation. You should choose whichever you think will look best on your home.

How much does parging cost?2020-04-13T19:46:21-06:00

The cost varies mainly based on the square footage that needs to be coated. Our team will review your project and deliver a custom quote for Edmonton parging repairs or new parging projects.

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